founded in 2019

e-concept was founded in 2019 as an innovative startup in the green economy with an added value: to combine environmental needs with human demand.

innovation at the center

e-concept puts innovation at the center, with the aim of optimizing  production processes, improve the quality of life and stimulate creativity respecting the planet.

a zero-emission future

to reach this goal we collaborate with people and companies who share our vision. We design products and offer technological services for sustainable innovation, with a focus on system electrification in the nautical sector.


renewable energy generation

e-concept develops projects related to renewable energy generation  and to energy efficiency in the civil and industrial sector as well as in the electrification of urban mobility.

e-dock: a charging infrastructure

our core business is e-dock: a charging infrastructure for the electric yachting sector, with a special focus on Venice.

electrical distribution network

the product is designed to allow electric boats, to easily access the electricity supply infrastructure during the mooring phase, allowing them to draw the energy needed to recharge the batteries.