e-contest 2022
A contest for images about Venice in the future

e-contest invites you to represent through an image your vision of Venice in the future. What will the city look like, who will live there, how will the inhabitants move around?

Participation in the contest is open to anyone over 18. All those who love Venice and who dream of a sustainable future for the city are invited to participate. To participate, you must fill out the application form and follow the instructions on the characteristics of the image and how to upload explained in the regulation.

Participants are asked to produce an image – an original photo or retouched/edited photos, computer graphics, collage – that can represent, according to the author’s free interpretation, Venice in the future, imagining a sustainable future, an evolution of life and culture in the city.

To participate in the Contest the authors must send their images no later than 10/10/2022 by e-mail to concorso@e-concept.it



The images will be selected by a jury consisting of: Claudio Iannelli, founder of e-concept, Mara Sartore, director of Lightbox and marketing and communication manager of e-concept, Sergio Pascolo, author of the book “Venezia Secolo Ventuno”, Jane Da Mosto, author and sustainable development consultant, Laura Scarpa, co-founder of Venezia da Vivere. The award ceremony of the best image among the 20 preselected images will take place at The St. Regis Venice on 10 November 2022. No lists will be made public with the results of the evaluation of the selection committee. Contest sponsored by Repower and The St. Regis Venice, Media Partner Venezia da Vivere. 

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      SiI have read and accepted the privacy policy